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We, Sri Sabari Enterprises commenced our operations in 1999 in Chennai and today we manufacture and install customized state of the art solutions in uPVC windows and doors, Modular Kitchens, PVC Doors and cupboards, Metal Sheet Roofing Shed, Aluminium Sliding Windows, PVC & Aluminium whole sale  and etc..

We bring you the best of window and door solutions using the world renowned modern technology products, a pioneering name in this field.

You can enjoy the benefits of precise and trusted modern technology, custom manufactured and installed by our trained experts, and our assurance of an uncompromising quality, right from the manufacturing stage to the completion of installation.

We offer top quality products which are custom manufactured with pinpoint accuracy and installed by a technically sound, trained and resourceful in-house team. Our exclusive manufacturing unit is equipped with state of the art machinery and it adopts advanced technology to ensure precision fabrication of our products.

Only the very best of raw materials go into your uPVC products that guarantee sturdiness and performance beyond compare even under extreme weather conditions they may be exposed to. We totally rely on the highest quality hardware to go with our products because we believe the best deserves the best!

We specialize in providing customized uPVC window and door solutions for every need. Since our fabrication processes are required to be highly precision-oriented in order to meet the demands of 100% customization, we make use of hi-tech digital meters for all measuring purposes. Moreover, our ethical standards of operation ensure that you always get the right advice from us on the product and in a professional way.

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